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Mine Site Construction Services Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions 

1. These conditions shall apply to this contract unless varied in writing by Mine Site . 

2. Without prejudice to any other rights it may have Mine Site terminate this agreement for any breach of the Sellers obligation. 

3. If the Seller is to supply goods to Mine Site then; 

(a) If the Seller is expressly or impliedly made aware of the purpose for which the goods are required then the goods must be suitable for such purpose. 

(b) The goods shall be of the best quality of the type ordered.

(c) The goods shall be to Mine Site satisfaction.

(d) If the Seller is expressly or impliedly made aware that the goods are intended for a particular customer of Mine Site then the goods shall be in accordance with the customers requirements.

(e) If the Seller is expressly or impliedly made ware that the goods are required by a particular date and that Mine Site will suffer loss if there is a delay in delivery the Seller shall be liable for any such consequential loss.

4. If the Seller is to do work for Mine Site then; 

(a) The work shall be done skilfully and shall be suitable for the purpose for which it is required by Mine Site. (b} The work shall be to Mine Site construction Services satisfaction. 

5. The Seller shall ensure that Mine she Construction Services or any Nominees of Mine Site Construction 

Services shall be able to inspect and te$t all goods being supplied or work being done under this contract. 

Inspection, testing and the results thereof shall not diminish the Seller’s responsibility.

6. Mine Site may reject work and goods not in accordance with this contract. Acceptance of work and goods shall not relieve the Seller from any liability. 

7. The Seller shall perform all its obligations within the time stated in the order,but if no time is stated then in a reasonable time.

8. Property shall pass to Mine Site when Mine Site has accepted the goods. 

9. Even if the Seller has performed his obligations Mine Site may terminate this contract for any reason whatsoever and shall only be responsible to reimburse the Seller for moneys reasonably expended by the Seller on performing this contract to the date of termination if this contract to the date of termination if this contract is terminated under this clause.

10. Payment – 30 Days from end of Calendar Month of Invoice date unless otherwise agreed by Mine Site.

11. No goods shall be deemed to be authorised or accepted for payments unless accompanied by an official company purchase order number.